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Neutral Space Relaxation ®

"Relaxed, Recovered, Reconnected"

DEEP RELAXATION.... for many, this state may have become a distant memory due to modern lifestyle patterns.


Stress levels can reduce dramatically after a Neutral Space Relaxation® session which works from head to toe.

Movements are slow and light and the client can experience a feeling many describe as that of "lightness and serenity". The client remains fully clothed on the couch and the practitioner "holds the space" for each client.

This practice enables improvement in all of the body’s systems, with a calmer breathing rhythm and improved mind focus.

It is a perfect treatment on its own and I have incorporated it successfully with reflexology and Indian Head Massage. Comments from clients who have tried it are amazed on its effectiveness.

NSR® can be carried out whilst you are seated - ideal if you are less agile. It is great for well-being and you will feel refreshed and calmer.

I look forward to welcoming you to experience this serene therapy.

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